Do I Really have time for this?

I think I am crazy…

The idea of blog writing is fun to me. The journaling, the sharing, the growing together. I have tossed around the idea for quite some time. But I kept asking myself, “Who would read it? Who really cares about what I have to say? What can I bring to the table that 5 million other bloggers haven’t already said?” The answer? I’m not really sure, and maybe I don’t have anything life changing to share, maybe no one will read this, but will that change the fun I will have trying out this new hobby? No.

So here I am. A busy, family centered, career woman adding another task to my endless todo list.

If you are going to read a blog, I think you should probably know a little bit about the author, So…

My name is Chelsea. I work for in the Healthcare industry, on the Marketing and Customer Service side. I enjoy it, it keeps me VERY busy. Its not my dream job but has potential to become that. I have a strong love for the healthcare world but mostly my heart lays with geriatrics. Their stories, their pasts and their love drives me everyday to make their world better and more enriching. But, more to come on my career path later.

I am a family girl! All day, EVERY day! I have a beautiful wife, yes I said wife, who is passionate, loving, hardworking and the glue that keeps my world together. Just typing that simple sentence about her makes me tear up. She is an incredible woman and from the day I met her, I knew my life would change forever. We have been together for a little more than 5 years! And guess what? We are taking the GIANT, terrifying and immensely exciting leap into motherhood. We started the foster care process a couple months and it has been so fun! Obviously, there will be lots of conversations about our the ongoing process of motherhood and our love for  foster care and adoption coming soon.  We are so ready and excited to open our home to kiddos and create loving, long lasting, relationships.

I am also a Coach. I coach college cheerleading for a local college, and I love every second of it. I love the 20 busy, hardworking cheerleaders I work with. I love the school; the campus is beautiful and there is a strong sense of community that you cant help but get wrapped up in. I have a long history of cheerleading, it has always been a passion of mine and I was blessed to start coaching while I was still in college and have had several opportunities to continue my coaching career.

If you haven’t already gathered, I am a busy bee. I am one of those women who doesn’t know how to say “NO”. But I don’t mind at all. Often my weekends are filled with having sleepovers with our 10 nieces and nephews, coaching, or spending time with my wife. I love to keep busy, I cant stand sitting and doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I need a good Netflix veg session but over all busy is best! I am sure there are 9,876 more things about me you will learn but here is a small start.

The goal of this blog is to share my world with you, there may be one person that can relate to me and the craziness I call life, or there may be 100! I will share with you the highs and lows of being new mothers, a part of the foster care team, future adoptive parents, health, fitness, love and so much more.

So, Welcome. Welcome to Green Things Growing. Enjoy, Please be nice, only positive vibes here. Have fun. Ask questions and remember to be you!

“Be Kind, you will never understand the battle your neighbor is fighting.”



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