A perfect Foster shower 

Amanda and I  were spoiled and showered with love last weekend by our family and friends with an over the top Dr Suess theme baby shower. 

We had a baby/ foster shower to help get us ready and prepared for the little nuggets that we will be blessed with in our home. I can’t even begin to describe to you how lucky and loved the both of us felt that day. It was a combination of so many people that made the day so special! 

We had delicious treats, shown above, the cake and cookies were done by an amazing artist names Kat in Kansas City.     

There was an adorable photo booth with cut outs from every Dr Suess book you could think of. Quotes, hats, glasses, tags and more. The set-up was really cute, we all had a blast snapping pictures of each other Dr Suess’d out.   

It was just perfect!  


I  kept looking around thinking, “How blessed are these children to already have all these people loving them.”  

It was incredible to hear my grandmother say she she has been telling everyone she is going to be a great grandma, and listening to my sisters talk about becoming aunts for the first time. The heartfelt words from our friends and families forever changed me. Sometimes, I wondered if people would accept these kids because they aren’t our blood. But that wasn’t the case and I now know that will never be the case. 
Both Amanda and I have fathers that came into our lives a little later and have treated us and loved us no different than their own. That’s all we plan to do with these kids. Whether they stay a year or just a month, they will be loved in our home and treated like our own. 

We received some really neat gifts! This was a painting my sister Tori made for the nursery. If you haven’t gathered, Dr. Suess is our theme.  This picture is now hung over the crib. I love it. We were spoiled with books, stuffed animals meaningful mementos,  gift cards and more. 
My grandma and mom also made us the exact blanket I had picked out from http://www.etsy.com but they had no idea that was the blanket I wanted. I can’t say it enough… We are blessed! 

 These kiddos are all set on movies, books, and love. It was the perfect afternoon I couldn’t have imagined the day going any better or any different. 
Thank you thank you to all who came and celebrated this exciting time with our family. 

Hope this gives you some Dr. Suess-y ideas for your upcoming party. They did pretty great didn’t they. 



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