Anyone have any ideas on what my career should be…

“Anyone have any ideas on what my career should be?”- This was a group text with me, my three sisters and my mom. It was from Emily, the middle sister. She is a Junior in college and is still wondering what path to take. This isn’t just a question she’s asking, but about 1 million other kids out there that are asking the same question. Heck, there’s probably a million adults asking it too!

My parents, like many other, told me that I could be ANYTHING I wanted when I grew up, I could be the spy that saved people, I could be the astronauts I learned about at space camp, I could be the teacher I looked up to in High School. But can we really become anything? Can we we overcome our self doubt and society norms to step up and say YES I CAN do that. I think so.  I didn’t dream of being in marketing or working in Skilled Nursing. I wasn’t sitting on the coach at 10 telling mom  “I want to be a marketer.” But it fell into my lap. The opportunity to work with the elderly just happened and here I am 5 years later still in the business because I love the population I work with. But no, I am not the spy I dreamt of.

I don’t have any special advice on this subject or wise life changing words, but I do believe you can be anything. I do believe you can be the FBI agent, Interior designer and professional snowboarder, my sister Tori always dreamt of. 

Here are a couple tips that I have learned through my experience in the career world. 


Your career should be something that you love.

Dont settle for something just because its the only opportunity you have right now. Look at the future, where can this job lead you? Is there potential for growth? Do I wake up and say I cant wait to go to work today. If the answer is yes AWESOME, if its no… use the job to pay the bills while you look for the right fit. 

When thinking about a career path, think about the things you love, think about your hobbies, desires, dreams! Me, Coaching, if I could find a full time coaching job, I would die happy! Cheerleading has always been a passion of mine, coaching is amazing and I look forward to every single practice, game and event. 

Find something that makes you feel that way, something that you don’t mind working a 10-12 hour day.

Try things out! Internships and Job shadowing can be a life saver.

I wish I would have utilized this more in my high school and college careers, but these days there are so many opportunities to try things & dip your feet in the water, before you decide.

For example: Nursing- shadow a nurse. One at a hospital, one in the er, one in a doctors office. See what you like, what fits you! Or check out a marketing internship, there are so many different aspects of  marketing you need to find what interests you most.

Try it before you buy it!  


Think outside the box.

You don’t have to be a teacher, doctor, or fashion designer. There are 10s of 1000s of different jobs out there. There are jobs that we have never even heard of. Did you know you can get paid to travel, or you can be a social media manager for a radio or tv station. I’m sure you did, but you get the point. Find an interesting job opportunity or career and research it, see what is out there and ask questions. 

It all goes back to the note above, try it out, shadow someone. Email the president or anyone you find that works there and see if they will take time to tell you about their business. Bonus: I guarentee that showing interest in their business will look good on you too.

Don’t settle! If you hate it, Leave it.

Just because you started on a career path and then realize “Oh my goodness I hate this. What did I do?”

“Oh my goodness I hate this. What did I do?”

Doesn’t mean you are stuck doing that forever. Are you stuck for a little while? Yes. But only because it makes no sense to quit a job when you don’t have one already lined up. Look while your bring in a paycheck and quit the professional way! Never walk out or don’t give notice, it’s a big wide world, but in the world of business, people remember your name and you will get a reputation. That’s a whole other post.


The moral of the story is don’t rush it, explore, and give your career some thought. Don’t pick one just because your career counselor is telling you to choose by your appointment next week. 

Good luck. 

-Dr. Suess

Thanks Pinterest for the quotes!  


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