Fall Mantels, Halloween treats and Massive Sleepovers

This weekend was another cousin sleepover at Nanny and Aunt Chelsea’s.

I thought that by the end of the night I would have time to set down and make a post about how much fun we all had, but lets be real, 10 kids in one house. By the time the last little babe was asleep, I was too! We had so much fun though! Had corn dogs and mac n cheese for dinner, watched Casper, ate popcorn, made pumpkin rice crispy treats and more.


Holiday mantels are so important, at least in my house! I love to decorate, make DIY projects and make the house look picture perfect for every holiday. I’m no Martha Stewart or Paula Dean, but I think I do a pretty good job. Below you will see pictures of my Fall & Halloween mantels. Lots of leaves, colors and spooky spider webs. 
Shout out to http://www.oldtimepottery.com   For my owl, leaves, light up pumpkins, lantern, pumpkin candle holders and more! If you don’t know about this store you are seriously missing out! 

“Amazing, affordable home decor and so much more “

& The scarecrows are from the Dollar Tree! 

Our red picture in the center says “Bless this home and all who enters”, it’s from my favorite store in the Kansas City West bottoms, Hickory Dickory. I know the owners family (they are amazing) and the shop is to die for! Check them out on Facebook, “Hickory Dickory”.

Halloween Treats

This year I stuck with a classic and made Rice Krispy treats that I died orange and added a green piece of candy on top for a pumkiny (yes that’s a word) effect. Of course the kids loved it. It’s a classic treat with the easiest spin ever to make it fun! I added the recipe link below. I added 5 yellows drops of food coloring and 3-4 red, inside the marshmallows and butter as they were melting. Then followed the recipe.

 Last year, I squeezed them into a ball so they were shaped like a pumpkin… This year I was a little lazier so they stayed in squares but the kids didn’t care at all! 



Do you remember how much fun you had as a kid at sleepovers? They were my favorite! Staying up late, movies, laughter, games and more! Our nieces and nephews range from 10 to a couple months old and they have so much fun together. They play like best friends, and fight like family. We watched Casper, which is a Halloween classic,  it was perfect weather to enjoy dinner together outside. They played dress up and trashed the play room, had a pillow fight and begged for candy! It was another successful night. 

Amanda and I have been together for 5 years and we have been doing this with all the kids for about that long. We take all of them at once usually around summer, Halloween and of course Christmas! It’s a tradition. The kids are so full of life that even though it’s physically exhausting it’s so refreshing. 

Fall is shaping up to be a perfect season once again! So lucky to have such amazing family and friends to make this season so great! 

Have a great work week! 



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