One fish, Two fish, Green fish, New fish…

Creating a nursery for these littles that will be coming into our home has been the most exciting thing I have done in a very long time!  I had a thousand questions.. What theme should we go with?  What furniture do I really need? What stuff do we need and what is just a want? So what did I do? … I ran to Pinterest! ( I pinned and pinned baby nurseries, themes, colors, ideas, things I loved. And I wont lie its a blast. Once we made the decision to go forward with foster care, it was a green light for me to start creating the dream room. And I think we did, I love it! Amanda and I both agree its our happy place now, whenever we are stressed of overwhelm we walk in that room and a calm comes over us. We are doing this, we are really going to be moms. And I think this room is as ready as we are!

Amanda and I settled on the theme of Dr. Seuss for the nursery, it just kinda made sense. One of my favorite books is “Oh the Places You’ll Go” By Dr. Seuss, so I think from talking about that and Amanda’s amazing ideas we decided this was IT. And we couldn’t be happier. It is bright and fun; promotes learning and creativity, it is unisex, which was really important to us, and lastly it can be any age.  It fits perfect! Once we agreed on that I started pinning and researching Dr. Seuss. I stalked Etsy (, Kohls ( and Pinterest often, looking for ideas or the perfect items for our room. Below on the pictures I will post links to the websites on where I got these items!
Take a look and let me know what you guys think!

Here is the finished product. Enjoy!

This is the closet and book shelves (! We were spoiled with books at our baby shower and Amanda keeps surprising me with more, I love it.  A couple of my favorites are “Oh the Places You’ll go” Dr Suess (again) “Maybe Days” By Jennifer Wilgocki and Marcia Kahn Wright, “If you give a mouse a cookie” by Laura Numeroff (I met this author when I was a kiddo!) Check out the Childrens Book section at They have a huge selection for great prices. (REALLY GREAT PRICES)

The Baby crib and wall décor!

The quote on the wall is from Amazon, Amanda surprised me with it (it was one of the first things we bought for the room) and again its from my FAVORITE book “Oh The Places Youll Go”-Dr. Seuss (I know this is the third time I’ve mentioned it) The whole idea behind the book is encouraging you to find your own way, you will have ups and downs, but you have the potential to do and be anything! Its great! In college, my last day of my senior year, I had a professor take time from her day and read us this book. As I sat there, terrified of what my future would bring I really listened and understood what Dr. Seuss was saying MY “MOUTAIN WAS WAITING” and it was time to “get on my way!”

MY “MOUTAIN WAS WAITING” and it was time to “get on my way!”

My mom found these Adorable One fish, Two fish canvases at Target ( They have some really cute Dr. Seuss décor right now. But these were perfect. Colorful, simple and fun. She’s great isn’t she?This small dresser here is also a changing table, it came with a table that goes on top and screws to the back. But since we don’t know the exact age we are getting and had that massive sleepover, we are keeping the TV for now. NO, I will not be a bad parent if a TV is in the kiddos room. It’s not a babysitter but at times can be educational and fun. I am all for it, in moderation.


The rug, dresser/changing table, and crib are from Nebraska Furniture Mart ( our house is like a walking NFM magazine. I love there furniture, it’s sturdy and affordable! Clearly adorable too!

The blanket is so special because it was made for us by my mom and grandma! They didn’t know but I had picked out almost this exact blanket on weeks ago. Crazy how perfect it was. The really cool lorax painting was done by my sister Tori, she’s pretty talented! The cib sheet has a bunch of the Dr. Seuss titles, it’s Trend Lab, from!

And the little Horton sticking his head out in the back was a gift from our best friend Skyla. We had a surprise box in the mail one day from “anonymous” and it was this little lovey. It was right after we told her and some other close friends that we were embarking on this adventure. When I opened the box I could help but cry. It was the first baby thing I think I owned/was given. And it meant that this whole thing was really starting! So amazing.

I was telling Amanda the other day how cool it was that every single item in this room has meaning. Whether it was a painting from my sister,  or the left over decorations from our amazing shower, each thing has a person and story behind it.

Also, Amanda and I put together the furniture all by ourselves with out 1 argument! I’m serious! We get a long so well but I read about people who fight there way through a crib set up but we did great! She’s the best teammate a girl could ask for!

I hope you enjoy this nursery half as much as we do.



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